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The Three Ways A Plumber Can Fix and Prevent Toilet Backups From Occurring

A sewage back up of any kind can cause a home to become a dangerous breeding ground for germs and bacteria and can leave any plumbing fixtures unusable. It is essential to contact a plumber as soon as disaster strikes so they can survey the issue and determine the exact cause. While there are a variety of ways a plumber can remedy sewer and toilet backups, the following are those that are most commonly used and can restore a plumbing system in a matter of hours.

Backwater Valves

Once the initial backup problem is addressed, the most common way to prevent it from reoccurring is to install a backwater valve on the main sewage line. A plumber will splice the main sewer line and install the valve, which is usually constructed of PVC and is relatively easy to install. The operation of the device is simple, as it directs water through a separate pipe that runs in the opposite direction of the line, which prevents any water flowing correctly from escaping and will only activate during a backup.

Snake Devices

The most commonly used method to alleviate a backup is to utilize a snake device. A plumber will access the main plumbing line through a toilet connection or an exterior pipe cleanout. The snake device is a long metal cable that has an oversized auger bit attached at the end, and as it runs through the line, it will eat away at any debris and clean out the clog in as little as a few minutes.

Water Jet Systems

Commercial sewage systems and more extreme blockages may require the use of a water powered jet system. A technician will insert a long hose into the water line and activate the water jet. A high powered stream of water is then released into the sewage main which can break away any organic material, such as paper and tree roots, that may be causing the blockage.

Sewage problems can be a nightmare, but a plumber will have the tools to fix it quickly. The team at Patterson Plumbing offers a complete line of repair and installation services and can restore a broken sewage system in as little as one hour. Contact them today to learn more and take the first step in tackling sewage issues once and for all.